Jameson’s American Utopia: A Day Dream

In his American Utopia: Dual Power and the Universal Army, Frederic Jameson says daydreaming is an ineradicable element in utopian thought (AU, 41).  This is a daydream about the future outlined in that book, an attempt to picture what daily life would actually look like.  Jameson lets his imagination run wild at points, and I […]

Discernible Inferences (A concept no one asked for)

The title of this blog arises from a somewhat flippant running-together of two very different concepts.  The first is Alain Badiou’s discernibility, and the second is Robert Brandom’s inferential account of semantic normativity.  I want to offer a brief explanation for why the Badiou/Brandom connection is not entirely trivial. First, both concepts are involved in […]